About Sarah

Sarah is wife, mom of three, daughter, sister, friend, and everything else in between.  She is known for her positive attitude and loving demeanor.   

   On April 2014, Sarah experienced some numbness in her right foot and later in her right arm.  She and her husband Eric headed to the ER where a head CT revealed a slow growing glioma about the size of a baseball on the right side of her brain, starting to shift midline.    Her first surgery was April 29th, 2014.  They removed part of her tumor, but not all.  A biopsy of her tumor revealed that Sarah's tumor is cancerous.  Sarah kicked serious rehab butt and blew us all away! She returned home on Mother's Day...less than two weeks after her surgery.  Her second surgery was July 24th and it too was a SUCCESS!  Sarah's doctor was able to remove more of the tumor than expected.  Miraculously, to date, Sarah is surviving and enjoying life well with her family!!